Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poems XIV


the space of somethingness
becomes a vasting void of nothingness,
as breath and peace and sitting very still
shines daylight seeped through eyelid windowed sills.

i move towards the flaming urgent sun
and expand like fire on yellow fleece,
exhilaration comes shattering into me,
a thousand tiny white doves, limitless --

flying within me and then without.
space and light and freeing all
meaningless lacks in this worldy world,
artifice forgotten, perhaps a dream.

wisdom fills my delicate bones,
my skull of thought and joy and fear.
I cross-legged perch and yearn for a touch;
expansion god-wanting, infinite want. 

energy floats, and curls 'round my frame,
and there is naught I can do but to sit here like this,
to wait for the timeless unravelling truth;
blue, like the day you were sung to and born,

and white, like the love of my pellucid heart.

my chassis aloft

                                                          Lip Service

                                                     seeking     speaking 
                                              inspecting            smirking
                                               playing                   shifting
                                           teetering                       watching
                                            waiting                           reacting
                                         lingering                             searching
                                    questioning                           hoping
                                         wanting                          lusting
                                          panting                            scorching
                                           flashing                             fighting
                                          wrestling                           tackling
                                             tumbling                       succumbing
                                                 wasting                  forlorning
                                                 saddening            hardening
                                                           hating    destroying


  1. What a beautiful poem. It carries such depth of your spirit-knowing, transforming, and expanding.

    Katherine Torres

  2. The sounds of a soul seeing itself in furtive glances.
    and wondering which reflections are the real one's.
    you untangle this mess of being very well.
    and deliver your humanity on a plate - like a feast.

    thank you-
    love - Kirsten