Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Poems VIII

It is virtually impossible for me to write while at my parents' house in Santa Barbara, as there are waaaaaay too many distractions (plus, three kids on my own!), but here are a couple of poems I wrote recently:


Clear was your touch
as twilight breathed into day's exhale,
and velvet moonlight sighed.

We returned to each other
in these grassy lavender spaces,
where the voids of our secret middles
gasped, then met
in silence.

Our silhouetted mountains
protected us, transformed us --
we were small and diminutive compared to their size.
We saw only whispers of colors;
we heard only whooshing once more.

And though our riverbed dreams flashed uncertain,
and though our souls cleave us still,
we lost,
then found each other,
as we loved --
fully and finally,
and finally again.


My anenome essence
blossoms like the lotus flower,
clarinet falsettos weeping in the afternoon.

This ebbing home,
my seashell heart,
a prayered and lovely secret mollusk,
curved and tender,

Bowls of sparkling seaweed brine,
Shakti's mighty ocean,
pool and curl my wetland home,
my flowing algae shore.

To you, although,
I am a rock's
stubborned old
barnacle lone,
spitting your deafened eye
with watersalt.

So have then my shell --
my hollow, brittle shell,
but that, to you, is all.

And thus, and thus,
I shall remain
with the rhythmed, lilting, crying tides --
my mournful, breaking Sound,
forever mine.


  1. So nice! Your writing about intimacy is lovely and true. And having just been at the beach--that imagery is very vivid.

  2. Sarah - I am so moved by your poetry. You bring life to life. The way that you gather words and bring them together - carries my soul to the places that you speak about. How wonderful that you are sharing your gift with the world! my heart is full - Kirsten